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Mental Health Guest Speaker Panel

On Tuesday April 25th at 6pm EST and gain insight into mental health from the pros! Join us along with a Psychotherapist, Social Worker, and Trauma Lived Experience Consultant.

Got some burning questions you want to ask a mental health professional? Now is your chance! Do you struggle with mental health and need advice or resources? Are you studying in the fields of Psychology, Social Work, or would like more insight from someone who’s experienced trauma? Knowledge is power and knowing mental health from all three angles will help with your well-being and accel your career growth. This is meant to be a resource for anyone who needs it.

Joshua Peters - is a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Resident and Registered Psychotherapist (RP) with the Centre for Interpersonal Relationships, Ottawa. Over the past decade, he has presented at several notable conferences, including the Guelph Sexuality Conference, the National 2SLGBTQ+ Service Providers Summit, and the Community-Based Research Centre's Atlantic Regional Forum. Joshua also regularly contributes to online, radio, and television news stories for the CBC, Global News, the Toronto Star, and other organizations. In his clinical practice, he is particularly interested in providing psychotherapy, mental health research, and advocacy for 2SLGBTQ+ community — especially for those from rural and other marginalized backgrounds. Joshua has obtained a specialization in Psychology at the University of Ottawa and a Master of Arts in Counselling at Saint Paul University. He is completing his final year in the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Prince Edward Island.

Karyn Inder - originally from Newfoundland, moved to Toronto in 2014. Karyn founded Trauma Tree in January of 2022 after feeling frustrated with the lack of identifiable, accessible and trauma inclusive spaces within educational, healthcare & workplace environments as well as within society as a whole. Karyn also lives within these communities, having been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at 14 years old, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Generalized Anxiety Disorder at 23, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome at 32 and Fibromyalgia at 33.

Ijaabo Mohamed - is a Black Muslim therapist with 2+ years of clinical experience providing counselling to Black and racialized individuals and families. Before entering the therapy space, Ijaabo worked extensively in the areas of youth mentoring, community engagement, program development and evaluation, academic research, and diversity training, and has a soft spot for working with children and youth in recreational environments.

Ijaabo employs various modalities in her clinical practice such as art & play therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, and strengths-based therapy. Ijaabo obtained her Bachelor’s of Social Work from York University in June 2021, and her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Toronto in June 2022, with a specialization in Children and their Families.


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